Tips For A Great Experience With Your Dog

Many people like dogs. If you are thinking about adding a dog to your family, start with some tips to make it a great experience.

Choose The Right Dog

All dogs are not equally suitable for all families. The breed you choose makes a difference. If you are considering a specific breed, learn everything possible about the breed, including its general temperament, common health issues, and its needs for activity. Take note of whether the breed is appropriate for families with children, and if its size is appropriate for your home. If you are not set on a certain breed, consider adopting a dog from your local pet shelter.

Choose a healthy dog. Dogs at pet shelters have usually been given important vaccinations, and exams to detect any health problems. If you decide to acquire a dog from a private owner, make sure to ask about these issues. Unless you are prepared to adopt a dog with special needs, you do not want to learn about health issues after he has moved in with you.

Purchase Pet Supplies In Advance

To make the transition as smooth as possible, have all of your new dog’s supplies in your home before he arrives. He will have an easier homecoming if his dog food, treats, collar or harness, leash, bed, and other supplies are ready for him.

Owning Dogs Requires Patience

If you think about it, it is difficult to leave an old environment and move into a new, unfamiliar environment. Whether dogs live with previous owners or in a shelter, moving into your home can be a stressful experience. He does not know you and has never been in your home before. Patience is an essential key to reducing stress and making it a good experience.

One tip is to make sure you will have free time to devote to your dog when he moves in with you. It is not a good idea to bring a new pet home and then leave him alone while you go off to work. He will feel more secure if you can spend time with him.

Second, do not expect perfection from your new dog. Even an older dog may have an accident on the floor, chew on your shoes, or bark without reason. When you take time to train your pet, it can eliminate inappropriate behaviors.

Training dogs require consistency. Choose a feeding and walking schedule that meets his needs as well as your own. Be consistent in what is and is not allowed, and how you want him to behave.

When training your dog, kindness produces results. Never yell or speak harshly, and never hit your pet. Positive reinforcement works much better than punishment.

It is generally suggested that new pet owners avoid using food or treats as rewards. As you want him to know you are glad when he behaves properly or obeys commands, hugs, and pats are the best rewards.

Choose A Good Veterinarian

It is not uncommon for dogs to experience minor health issues. Occasionally health issues are serious. Dogs also need exams and vaccinations on a regular basis. For these reasons, you need a good vet.

When you are shopping for a vet, take your dog with you. Although many dogs do not like visiting the vet, notice how the veterinarian treats your pet. Also, note how the vet treats you. Similar to your own personal physician, a good veterinarian is a kind, compassionate professional.

Enjoy Your Dogs

While pet ownership can be time-consuming and involves work, the most important reason to live with a dog is to enjoy him. You can enjoy his friendship and his company.

When your dog knows you like him, it will help create a bond. This bond will develop and grow stronger, and you will have a lifelong friend. He will be a valuable part of your family, and a wonderful addition to your home.

Nearly anyone who loves dogs can be a successful pet owner. If you are prepared to give a new pet your time and attention, buying or adopting a dog is a decision you will never regret. You will have a super friend to share your life for many, many years.