Choosing The Right Dog Food

There are many essential factors to consider before settling on a particular brand of dog food (like Taste of the Wild) as nutritional needs differ among dogs. It is important to keep in mind the age, breed, health and activity level of the dog. When selecting the right food for your dog, you will find there is a wide range to include canned dog food, dry dog food, and natural/organic dog food.

Taste Of The Wild Info

The dry food is popular among dog owners as the kibble bits can be conveniently placed in a bowl during the day for the dog to eat. Its dry texture is guaranteed to clean up easily if spilling occurs and this type of food is typically a well-balanced combination of protein and other essential ingredients. The majority of high-quality commercial foods is regulated and veterinary specialists have placed them under rigorous testing. Reading the labels when shopping for this and other types of dog food are essential. Similar to all products, some dry foods have higher quality ingredients than others. Below are a few tips to assist with reading the labels.

Type of Meat

The primary ingredient in the dog food is usually the first one listed on the label. You should choose a food with the meat as its first ingredient as these are typically higher in quality. Chicken, beef, liver, and lamb are the most commonly used meats in dog foods. Do not even consider buying labels with the main ingredient listed as “meat by-product.”

No Artificial Colors, Preservatives or Flavors In Taste Of The Wild

Do your best to avoid purchasing foods that contain additives like preservatives that could be harmful to the health of your dog, if it is consumed for extended periods of time. Do not buy any dog food that contains a phrase like “chemical additives included for flavor.”


The color of the dog food can be a tell-tale aspect of deciding on its quality. The majority of natural dog foods are available in a range of soft earth tones. While there are other colors in some foods, these could be caused by added chemicals. Check the ingredients to ensure this is not the case for the one you are considering.

Veterinarians recommend raw dog foods to some dog owners as being the healthiest choice for their dog. The majority of raw dog foods have a content of unprocessed, all-natural ingredients. While these types of foods are not exclusively made of meat, the primary ingredient should be. Other ingredients are used to balance the food for added nutritional values. Go for one with a ratio of 40 percent meat, 30 percent starch, and 30 percent fiber.

Dogs are not exclusive carnivores and though the majority of their diet is made up of meat, domestic dogs also get nutrients from vegetables, fruits, and grains. These non-meat nutrients are not just fillers; in fact, they are valuable sources of essential minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Good dog foods will contain meat, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Good dog foods like Taste of the Wild contain high-quality types of these ingredients that are suitable for the digestive system of your dog.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for making the ultimate decision when it comes to the best dog food. As the owner, you have continuous access to the dog and will be able to determine what is best for the animal. If your pet is fit and active and has a hearty appetite and firm stool, the food being currently consumed is most likely working quite satisfactorily.

During the decision-making process, you should consult with your veterinarian as he or she will be able to supply you with vital information. The vast knowledge the vet has regarding pet nutrition can assist you in selecting the best dog food for your pet. Moreover, these experts have access to resources like research findings that cannot be accessed by the average dog owner. You will be provided with amazing assistance in narrowing down the options. Thankfully, vets are normally willing and ready to provide help.

Regardless of the route, you decide to take as it relates to the diet of your dog, ensure you consult with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is receiving a healthy, balanced and complete diet.